Tuesday, September 15, 2009

good day!

So its been over a week since my last post, and it was a busy week, all the kiddies are back to school, even the baby started kindergarden, and I'm enjoying the quiet around the house during the day, I'm slowly trying to restore some order in the house. I had a good weekend, spent lots of it scrapbooking, APOS ahd a online crop, that was lots of fun and a good way to get stuff done. On Sunday I went to a crop at the Maritime club, I always enjoy that, but the time pasted so fast. have some other projects to get complete, and excited for the ScrapPink crop, on Sunday sept. 26. have a good week, hopefully i will get it figured out how to post pictures very soon.


  1. Hi
    cute Monkeys on your blog!
    Thank you for getting me here!
    do you have a gallery uploaded yet?
    I couldnt find it??
    maybe I am BLIND! LOL

  2. Hey you are doing a really great job at this. Keep it up. It will definitively pay off in the end.